We offer a risk-free trial of the BioMat.

When you purchase the Richway International BioMat product(s) that you desire, know that you can return them for a full refund if you are not satisfied. There are two stipulations that you need to be aware of:

  1. You are responsible for all shipping costs to return any product(s).
  2. The return process must be started within seven days of delivery to obtain a full refund.

So, with the risk-free trial, you can discern if now is the right time for you to try the bio-mat. If now is the right time, you likely recognize by using the BioMat, you are beginning your personal transformational journey. What exactly does that mean?

  • Perhaps you are on a mission to detox and rid your body of anything that does not serve you. This is one of amethyst’s properties and the professional-size BioMat is almost 20 pounds of amethyst!
  • We all love nature and its invigorating, rejuvenating qualities, which is a big dose of negative ions! The BioMat’s emission of negative ions make us feel a touch of nature and all its benefits.
  • Far infrared heat soothes, comforts and nurtures the body and from this place, the physical body may experience transformations.
  • One of amethyst’s properties is it connects us to the Divine via meditation. There’s lots of research that speaks to how transformative meditation is.
  • The BioMat is a product that can be positive in all four areas of well-being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In other words, by taking advantage of the risk-free trial, you have the possibility of your personal transformation beginning in one or more areas of well-being. Let the healing journey begin!

All of these above bullet points can be transformative, restorative and deeply relaxing. If you are ready to begin experiencing this transformational journey for yourself, we would be happy to get you started. Let’s connect at 952-829-1919.