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BioAcoustic Mat BioAcoustic Mat

The BioAcoustic Mat is vibroacoustic therapy using a combination of vibrations and music to help improve your overall well-being and health. If you already own a professional-size BioMat, you place your BioMat on top of the BioAcoustic Mat to use the two products together for a complete state of bliss!

This unique vibroacoustic music therapy uses certain frequencies and transducers/speakers that are located throughout the mat to reduce pain and ease symptoms. This can feel like a deep cellular, whole body massage via specially-designed speakers:

  • Two small speakers that play higher frequencies (52-88 Hz) and target small muscle groups.
  • One transducer that delivers low frequencies (30-68 Hz) for a large muscle, deep, cellular massage.

The BioAcoustic Mat’s patented sound system stimulates the spinal nerves and vibrates tissues deep in the body. It touches the limbic system and also affects brainwave activity, facilitating an elevated emotional response of balance and well-being. This activates auditory nerves connecting all of our muscle tissues and helping to induce relaxation to your whole body.

Specific health benefits of vibroacoustic therapy include:

  • Relaxation.
  • It can help manage pain and provide relief from pain.
  • Patients using vibroacoustic therapy have also kept muscles stimulated, as well as increased their range of motion.

A research study conducted by the National Institute of Health found “Those who listened to music while feeling the vibrations experienced a significant reduction in pain, more so than those who only listened to music.”

Vibroacoustic therapy utilizes soothing music and the music is created to help bring about relaxation and pain management. Dr. Lee Bartel created the BioAcoustic Mat music in four categories (energize, relax, stress relief and sleep). There are three tracks in each of the four categories for a total of 12 therapeutic tracks. As you determine your personal desires/wishes, you can select what best suits you. Tracks range from digital instrumentation (flute, piano, guitar, etc.) to the soothing sounds of nature ranging from 3-6+ minutes.

BioAcoustic Mat