Troubleshooting & Care Program Policy


In this troubleshooting & care program policy section, we will explore how to get assistance from Richway International (the BioMat’s parent company).

Why isn’t my BioMat working?!

We rarely hear problems about BioMat defects. If we do, we have two easy suggestions for you to try:

  • Be sure the tan connector is inserted completely into the BioMat. It should fit snugly with a good connection.
  • For the professional-size BioMat, there is a rocker switch on the side of the control box. This must be engaged or “on” before the various temperature settings will work. Be sure to handle your control box with care! This part is likely what will need to be replaced (if any), especially if you drop it, toss it around, constantly move it, etc.

Repair Policy (Richway Care Program Policy)

You may also wish to contact Richway International at 1-855-338-6410 (toll free)/808-589-2800 or [email protected] to discuss your problem. They will advise you of next steps. Click here for detailed Repair Policy information.