We’ve Been Asked…

Been Asked

Over the years, we’ve been asked lots of BioMat questions! Here are some of the questions and our respective answers.

Can I sleep on my BioMat?

Yes! As you’ve probably already seen on this website, we recommend short duration and low temps in the beginning. After you build time and temp over the first days/weeks, sleeping on your BioMat is definitely a possibility. In fact, many people report that they love sleeping on their BioMat! We encourage you to find your own rhythm with the BioMat and however you decide to use it will be ideal and perfect for you.

We also recommend purchasing a Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) if you wish to sleep on your BioMat. This will make it more comfortable and softer. Click here to order your QEP today!

“Clearing” my BioMat

Although the BioMat usually clears on its own (the amethyst certainly helps with this), you can turn on the mat on the highest temperature and leave it for a couple of hours. (We suggest you not lay on it while it is clearing.)

Also, laundering the accompanying cotton pad will help clear your BioMat.

How can I possibly sleep on a surface that is this hard?!

You are sleeping on a lovely bed of rocks!! This is why the surface is very firm. To remedy this, we suggest using a Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) to help soften your BioMat. The infrared heat passes through this specially designed pad; you may, however, find that you need to increase the heat slightly when using the QEP. Click here for more information and the health benefits of the QEP.

I’m just beginning to use my BioMat. Why do I feel nauseous?

The most important thing, especially in the beginning, is to not over-do usage of the BioMat. The amethyst in the BioMat helps us eliminate toxins and waste from the body via sweat, urination or bowel movements. If you use the BioMat for too long and/or at too high heat, you may feel queasy, nauseous, icky; you are likely eliminating too quickly. While this won’t hurt you, there’s no need for it! You can likely avoid this by turning down the heat and using it for short periods in the beginning.

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Is it OK to put the BioMat in my bed?

Yes! All sizes, including the Mini and professional-size BioMat can be placed in your bed. In fact, several BioMat sizes (single, queen and king) are developed specifically for use in bed.

There are heat reflecting layers on the back of the BioMat which means the infrared heat from the BioMat reflects up into the body. However, if you have a memory foam mattress, we suggest putting a quilt or extra layer(s) of protection between your mattress and the BioMat, as an extra precaution.

What are EMFs and how do they relate to the BioMat?

When electricity goes through a coil, an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) is produced. Currently, our indoor environments, exposure to electronic devices, and environmental pollution expose us to EMFs. This results in a physiological imbalance which may cause some health challenges.

The BioMat’s advanced technology works without electric coils. It functions through a state-of-the-art electronic interceptor or the control box. This control box also protects against harmful electronic frequencies (EMFs) by passing all energies through the electronic interceptor (EMI).

When you are laying on the BioMat, we suggest refraining from using your cell phone or any electronic device. This avoids adding electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) to the top of the BioMat/your body.

For additional information on EMFs, read about the “BioMat Construction” under the FAQ category on this website.

What is the most effective BioMat treatment?

This varies with personal preference. Some customers love it in the morning – popping off after 30 minutes of use with great energy for the remainder of the day. Others use it for a power nap with great restorative quality. We also know customers who love the BioMat for meditation and yoga – taking them to a deeper place (meditation), and stretching deeper and longer (yoga). And still other customers utilize the deep relaxation qualities of the BioMat, getting an excellent night’s sleep, awakening feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. Let us know what your preference is!

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What results can I anticipate by using my BioMat?

Results vary, depending on personal health challenges. You may feel deeply relaxed, tingling all over your body, warm and comforted, energized, not wanting to get off the BioMat because it feels so good, etc.

Who should not use the BioMat?

Click here for a list of contraindications for using the BioMat. You will notice that most people can use the BioMat, but of course, it is important to check out the contraindications.

We’ve been asked  the following questions and include our answers…

Why add tourmaline to the Mini BioMat and Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow?

Tourmaline has several beneficial properties which include emitting natural negative ions. By putting tourmaline in both the Mini BioMat and the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow, it increases the negative ion output for the person receiving the BioMat session.

Further, tourmaline increases mental alertness and clears confusion, deflects and repels negative energy, and helps to break up energetic blockages. It also promotes sound sleep.

While the Mini is not as potent as the professional-size BioMat (both because of its size and its crystal configuration), it is important to ask which BioMat size fits your personal need or your families’ needs. We are aware of some customers who have purchased a Mini and then later have been sorry they didn’t go ahead and purchase the professional-size BioMat initially. If we can help you with this important decision, please don’t hesitate to call us at 952-829-1919.

Will the BioMat heat up metal parts?

No. Recipients of titanium, metal, ceramic or plastic implants can use the BioMat. Surgical implants generally reflect infrared rays and are not heated by the infrared heat system.