Comparing the BioMat to Other Products

In this FAQ section, we are comparing the BioMat to other products such as a heating pad/electric blanket or infrared sauna. Is this comparing apples to apples OR apples to oranges?! Bio-mats are very different than a heating pad or electric blanket so, without hesitation, we know it is comparing apples to oranges!! If you are interested in reasons why, read on!

The BioMat is safer than a heating pad or electric blanket because there are no harmful electromagnetic waves. Studies have shown that the use of heating pads or electric blankets may cause carcinogenic cellular activity. The BioMat’s heat is created through natural, beneficial light waves called far infrared heat and this conducts over amethyst crystals, plus emitting negative ions via its high tech messaging system. The BioMat’s advanced technology works without electric coils. It functions through a state-of-the-art electronic interceptor which blocks the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Another important difference is the BioMat comes with an external control box where alternating current (AC) converts to direct current (DC). DC has been found to be much healthier for the body (whereas you are only getting AC with both a heating pad and electric blanket). Because of EMFs being intercepted and converting AC to DC, this is why it is critical that you do NOT place the control box on the BioMat.

Unlike a heating pad or electric blanket, the Richway BioMat does not get hot when it is turned on. When you lie down, it warms the part of your body making contact with the mat and heats from the outside to the inside of your body. When any part of the mat gets hotter than the selected temperature, the mat shuts off by thermal sensors distributed throughout the mat. The temperature can be adjusted to the desired heat and the timer can be set to automatically turn off the BioMat in 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours. With the BioMat, besides the heat, you also have the added benefit of negative ions and amethyst crystals.

These photos contrast a regular heating pad (left) versus the BioMat (right):

Comparing the BioMat to Other Products

So, does this explain why the BioMat is not “just an expensive heating pad or electric blanket?” There’s really no comparison when it comes to specific health benefits between bio-mats and heating pads/electric blankets.

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Secondly, as we continue comparing the BioMat to other products, we frequently get asked about the difference between the BioMat and an infrared sauna. Recognizing the infrared sauna is popular, we love to share the key differences.

With the sauna, you are only getting infrared heat (including on your head which is not healthy). While some may think the BioMat (sometimes mistakenly called an infrared mat) is only infrared heat like the sauna, the BioMat offers direct full-body contact with infrared heat (as core level heat) and amethyst (helping remove what doesn’t serve the body) and negative ions (which make us feel good). Further, when you use the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow with the professional-size BioMat, the head is protected from the full strength of infrared heat; your body can absorb much higher heat when your head is cool. With the BioMat, you have the quantum triad of infrared heat, negative ions and amethyst crystals. In other words, three elements for the price of one – in contrast, the sauna is only ONE element (infrared heat).

In addition, the BioMat comes with a control box and this computerized box provides a five-tiered buffering system in which alternating current (AC) is converted to direct current (DC). AC has been proven to be detrimental to health by disturbing the human biological field. DC is safer, minimizing danger to your body and it is bio-energetically compatible with the human body. This control box also protects against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) by passing all energies through the electronic interceptor (EMI). In contrast, both infrared saunas and electric heating pads utilize AC current. This is another reason why the BioMat is a healthier option for your body.

As we reflect on the synergistic triad of the Richway BioMat, we are always amazed at the science and the thoughtfulness behind the product. The inventor of this potent healing tool was brilliant! Do you wonder who the inventor of the BioMat is? Well, we do too! Who thought to combine these three elements together into one product? When you stop to think about this, it’s quite amazing, isn’t it?!! Without a doubt, the BioMat inventor “channeled” it in and made his/her vision a reality, and we are all the benefactors of this wonderful healing product. Lucky us!!

So, who really did invent the Richway BioMat? We know Richway International owns the parent company of the BioMat. Did Richway International’s owners create it? We honestly don’t know, but what we do know is Richway International is deeply committed to high-quality construction and service for this one-of-a-kind healing tool. Perhaps this is what matters most so that we can fulfill the second part of the vision, “To get a BioMat on every bed.” We are honored, thankful and deeply grateful to share this product with you.

When potential customers ask us which products they should buy, we always advise them to be thorough in their research, talk to many different people and connect with us. Our job is not to “sell you” but to help you make an informed decision; this is why we are here! There is a lot of information “out there” and we have spent a lot of time sorting through it, bringing you the most easily “digestable,” bite-size bits of info. As one of our distributors recently said, “I love sharing the BioMat with my clients and friends. More and more people have heard of it and that makes my job easier to explain it. I’ve not heard one bad comment about it – it is universally loved!”

Our core philosophy is everyone will find their own rhythm with the BioMat and purchase it in exact Divine timing. This certainly takes the pressure off everyone! We love to help with the educational process for you to make educated, informed and best decisions for you and your life and your family. We have seen over and over again how the BioMat provides the gift of healing when the recipient is open to receiving. This openness ultimately impacts the healing journey regardless of the health challenges from back pain to fibromyalgia to Raynaud’s. To be open to receiving support with a healing modality that can be used in the home at any time and length that is convenient – what’s not to love about that!!

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