King-Size BioMat

The King-size BioMat measures 78” x 73” and fits on a king-size bed. The King-size BioMat includes 38 1/2 pounds of amethyst and is viewed through a clear silicon urethane panel. A fitted cotton cover is included with the product. The controller has the option for two different temperature and time preferences when sleeping.

King-size BioMat

With the king-size mat (along with all other BioMats), you receive the same benefits from the triad of elements of the BioMat:  1) negative ions, 2) amethyst crystals, and 3) far infrared heat. You can also be assured the king-size mat features 17 layers of high-quality construction. Review more information on the BioMat’s construction by clicking here in FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Amethyst is available in a couple different forms – either a crushed powder or a crystalline form. All Richway BioMats use a high-quality amethyst in the form of chipped crystals. The amethyst weight/poundage increases as the BioMat sizes increase – professional-size to single to queen to king-size BioMats. Below is information comparing the approximate amethyst pounds of different size BioMats:

Size of BioMat * Amethyst Weight (Approximate) **
King 38.58 pounds
Professional-size 16.53 pounds
Single 19.84 pounds
Queen 33.06 pounds

* Please note: the Mini BioMat is excluded from the chart because it is configured with half tourmaline and half amethyst and is also not a full-body BioMat.

** In the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website, there is additional information/product specifications on all BioMat products.

Suggested accessories:

  • Amethyst Pillow – you may wish to purchase two pillows when you purchase a king-size BioMat
  • Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) – the QEP softens the BioMat (especially since you are sleeping on it!) and is available in king-size
  • DETOXi Salt – to help avoid dehydration, you may wish to use this product both before and after being on the king-size mat.