Mini BioMat

The Mini BioMat offers far infrared heat and negative ions, with a crystal configuration of half amethyst and half green tourmaline.

Mini BioMat

The Mini BioMat  is compact (measures 33” x 17”), portable (weighs under eight pounds), and is convenient/versatile to use:

  • In your office.
  • When traveling.
  • In an easy chair or on the couch.
  • On the floor (for feet).
  • In bed.
  • In a spa.
  • In a dental chair.
  • In a healthcare setting (for example: infusion chairs).
  • In your car (adapter needed and sold separately).

The Mini BioMat provides similar relief as the professional-size BioMat. However, it is obviously not as large (so doesn’t cover as much of the body).

The Mini BioMat comes with:

  • 7000 MX controller.
  • Machine washable fitted cotton cover.
  • Elastic strap to hold the Mini in place.
  • Hard-sided travel case.
  • Use & Care manual.