Health Benefits

Health BenefitsHealth benefits are one of the main reasons customers are attracted to the BioMat. It is a powerful healing tool for many different health challenges and situations. As we discuss health challenges and how the BioMat might help, it is important to state the following medical disclaimer:

  • The BioMat is not a device to cure cancer or any other disease. The BioMat does not claim any medical benefits and does not claim to cure any disease or medical condition. It also does not claim any diagnosis or treatment, and only claims the statements in the Medical Device of the FDA’s regulation.
  • Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonials about the BioMat do not reflect the BioMat’s claim.

Further, the BioMat is FDA-approved which lends credibility to the product line. It also means the BioMat is highly regulated because of this FDA status. BioMat distributors have to be careful what we say and how we represent the BioMat. In other words, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls the words we can use. An example:  PEMF mats claim cellular detoxification and the BioMat vis-à-vis amethyst and negative ions does this, but we are not allowed to say so. We hold our integrity with the FDA by continuing to be careful of the wording, claims and representation of the products.

What we are comfortable mentioning (after being a BioMat distributor for many years) is we have seen many customers gain some relief from numerous health challenges/issues. For example:  arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s, back pain, cancer, autism, blood circulation and blood cell health, immune system support, Lyme’s and neuropathy.

Please contact us at 952-829-1919 to discuss additional health benefits of the BioMat and how satisfied customers have used the BioMat.