Queen-Size BioMat

The Queen-size BioMat dimensions are 78” x 55” and fits on a queen-size bed. It features 33 pounds of amethyst. This beautiful stone can be seen with the clear “window” made of silicon urethane. The Queen-size BioMat is accessorized with a fitted cotton cover; one controller with variable heat settings is included with the mat. (The controller allows for two different settings, accommodating different preferences for time and temperature while sleeping.)

Queen-size BioMat

As with other BioMats and including the queen-size, you benefit from the three elements of the BioMat:  1) amethyst crystals, 2) far infrared heat, and 3) negative ions. And regardless of the BioMat size, it features 17 high-quality layers of construction to the BioMat. Click here for more information on the BioMat’s construction in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Amethyst can be in two different forms – either a crystalline form or crushed into a powder. All BioMats feature amethyst in the form of crystal “chips.” The larger the BioMat, the more amethyst. Different size BioMats (Mini, professional-size, Single, Queen and King-size), have different weights of amethyst in them. Compare the pounds of amethyst using the following chart:

Size of BioMat * Amethyst Weight (Approximate) **
Queen 33.06 pounds
Professional-size 16.53 pounds
Single 19.84 pounds
King 38.58 pounds

* Excluded from this chart is the Mini BioMat as it is not a full-body BioMat and is also configured with half tourmaline and half amethyst.

** BioMat product specifications are available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website. There you will find more information about every BioMat product.

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