Your pets will love the BioMat … and they instinctively “know” it is good for them!

  • We strongly encourage you to place a waterproof cover on the BioMat before any pet uses it. This protects your BioMat from fluids, hair and dander.
  • Using the BioMat technology for pets can help them eliminate toxins, as well as be an element of preventive care.
  • As their owner, you are providing a tool that feels good to them – you may have to encourage your pets to move over (or off!) so you can use the BioMat!
  • The powerful combination of the triad works in a couple of different ways for pets: 1) if your pet is hyperactive, a BioMat treatment may help calm them, or 2) if your pet is low-energy and lethargic, the BioMat may boost their energy and regenerate them.
  • We suggest starting with lower temperatures in the beginning and increasing the temperature and duration over time.

Invest in the best for yourself and your pets!