Quantum Energy Pad

Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) Quantum Energy Pad (QEP)

The Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) is an accessory to the BioMat. It creates a softer surface, helping you enjoy a peaceful sleep! Now available for ALL BioMat sizes! The QEP has these additional properties:

  • Helps distribute body weight to minimize pressure points. (Pressure points can cause issues with alignment and pain.)
  • Prevents heat loss by using hypo-allergenic micro-fibers.
  • Does not use synthetic dye (that is commonly used in synthetic fabrics).
  • Zippered cover can be removed and machine washed.
  • Used with convenience for both personal and/or professional use.

The QEPs unique six-layer construction is 1 ½ inches thick adding softness, comfort and healing:

  • The micro-fiber fabric cover and micro-fiber layer are the top two layers. Removable, hypoallergenic and machine washable, these layers are 100% cotton, super soft and luxurious.
  • The middle two layers are composed of a mixture of mineral tourmaline and organic compounds of peach and grape seeds.
  • The bottom two layers are durable 3D mesh cushion comfort pad and 3D mesh cover to support body comfort and eliminate pressure points.
Professional (fits on a professional-size BioMat) 72″ x 27″ 10 pounds $480
Mini (fits on a Mini BioMat) 33″ x 19″ 4 pounds $180
Single (fits on a single-size BioMat) 78″ x 39″ 11 pounds $520
Queen (fits on a queen-size BioMat) 78″ x 59″ 17 pounds $580
King (fits on a king-size BioMat) 78″ x 70″ 21 pounds $680

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