Dr. Lee Bartel is an expert on the BioAcoustic Mat that Richway International markets. He is well known for his research and design of music for health.

Dr. Bartel’s credentials and experience includes Professor Emeritus of Music and former Associate Dean for research at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music, as well as Director of Music and Health Research Collaboratory. Dr. Bartel has special interest in applications of music in health conditions of aging and rehabilitation. His primary research interest is currently in Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation (RSS) with applications for several types of pain.

Within the Canadian Music Education Research Centre, Dr. Bartel is the Coordinator of the Music Therapy and Health Special Research Interest Group. He has also served on the Accreditation Review Board for the Canadian Association of Music Therapy, has been involved in noteworthy studies with the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto, and has supervised doctoral and post-doctoral research at Bloorview Kid’s Rehab, Lyndhurst Hospital and Baycrest Hospital. Drawing upon his many years of experience, Dr. Bartel designed the internationally best-selling Music for Your Health series for the Solitude’s label, as well as Somerset Entertainment’s SonicAid series. His Gold and Platinum album work has been nominated for several Juno Awards. Today, Dr. Bartel’s contributions include 16 books, and multiple academic papers and publications.

Because of his expertise in vibroacoustic therapy, Richway worked with him to compose four categories of healing music for the BioAcoustic Mat:  energize, relax, sleep and stress relief. Each of these four categories has three tracks for a total of 12 tracks. As he created the music, he was mindful of the five brain wavelengths of delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma for the listener to entrain to.

Richway International is fortunate to have this talented resource available for product development and improvement of the BioAcoustic Mat.