Are you interested in becoming an authorized BioMat distributor? If so, we pride ourselves in sharing excellent resources and providing support for anyone who would like to distribute the BioMat. We love our group of outstanding BioMat distributors; we make this information available only to our team.

We provide the following advantages to our distributors:

  • A customized website link. You can direct your customers to your website; it is an informative/educational site. On-line ordering is also available. This is entirely free to you; there is no start-up costs and/or no monthly fees or expenses. A website available for your customers allows you to grow your bio-mat business.
  • Templates for promotional materials. We supply the template of a product brochure that you customize with your logo and contact information. The design is free to you; you only pay for printing and shipping. This allows you to have leave-behind promotional materials for any of your potential customers.
  • Extensive training. For new distributors who are interested, we offer extensive training. We recognize there’s lots to learn in the BioMat world and we’re happy to help ease you up the learning curve!
  • Phone and email support. We offer on-going distributor support. We are available to answer questions, place and manage orders, as well as troubleshoot and/or problem solve. Also, we are happy to support any new distributors that you bring into your business. This helps you grow your business to its fullest potential and we are happy to help in whatever ways possible.

What we hear frequently from our BioMat team of distributors is how rewarding it is to market, share and sell BioMats! This includes both emotional and financial rewards.

If you have questions or need additional information about distributing Richway International products, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.