This blog is about the BioMat versus imitations.

The original bio-mat was created over 25 years ago by Richway & Fuji Bio. Originally, health care professionals (doctors, nurses, massage therapists, energy healers, etc.) worked with Richway International’s research and development team, giving them ideas and feedback to create the best possible healing product. From that early work, a well-designed and engineered wellness tool was invented. All these years later, the BioMat is used in thousands of homes, office and wellness practices worldwide. To this day, Richway International continues to lead the way in research on far infrared heat and negative ion therapies.

Buyer Beware:  there are several look-alike “heating pads” that mimic the BioMat. Many of these are created by textile factories and they are fake in every way possible – from materials used to corporate addresses (that come and go quickly) to photos of fictitious staff/importer names, etc. All of this is very misleading to customers, giving the impression of U.S.-based manufacturing and customer service. But in actuality, most of the products are imported from China with little available customer service or recourse if you are dissatisfied.

So how does the research compare the BioMat to other imitations? First of all, with the BioMat over the years, several independent research studies have been completed with mostly positive results. More research is needed and is on-going. (We will continue to post additional research findings as they become available.)

Since the imitation heating pads are created quickly and often overseas by “fly by night” companies, many of the “research” studies are done not using actual product. In other words, there is zero proof that these mimicked-BioMat heating pads have the same or even similar effectiveness as the original BioMat.

The topic of the BioMat and imitations is a “big” topic and we have more to say … watch for our blog post next week.