This blog post gives BioMat shipping info for the holidays. As you are likely already aware, on all BioMat products and accessories, there is no shipping charges. All bio-mats are shipped using UPS and all items are sent separately. So, why are we writing a blog about shipping BioMats? It is because if you want to receive Richway BioMat products by Christmas Eve (approximately 25 days from this posting), it is time to order now! We are happy to help facilitate your order; our phone number is 952-829-1919.

From now to December 9, you will avoid expedited shipping charges when ordering any BioMats or accessories. Obviously, you save money by ordering early and not having to rush your bio-mat delivery. Also keep in mind, the holidays are one of Richway International’s (the BioMat’s parent company) busiest times of the year and all orders are based on availability of product. In other words, by ordering early, you hopefully avoid back orders of products caused by robust holiday demand. Further, Richway International is not responsible for any shipping delays incurred by inclement weather, supply chain issues and/or increased holiday shipping schedules.

Delivery by Christmas for BioMats is not guaranteed after December 15. If ordering after this date, to secure a BioMat, you will need to pay expedited shipping fees, as follows:

We are doing our best to help you save money and securing the items you wish for the holidays. We look forward to connecting with you!