Let’s talk about the BioMat and holiday stress. Are you stressed to the max? We know many people are … the holidays are a very busy time with lots of extra activities (gift shopping and wrapping, decorating, baking, writing holiday cards, etc.). The purpose of this blog post is to give you some unique ideas to reduce your holiday stress. Specifically, we will share about the bio-mat (why/how it can help to minimize stress) and a useful breathing technique on the BioMat.

One of the main reasons the Richway BioMat is effective in decreasing stress is the synergy of the three elements that make up the BioMat (amethyst, far infrared heat and negative ions). Each of these elements is potent and combined, there is an amplified effect of quantum healing. Specifically, the core level heat of far infrared opens the body’s circulation and blood flow, amethyst helps detox and remove anything that’s not serving you, and negative ions fill you back up with positive feelings and energy. This is a holistic way to relax and “idol down” from being all stressed out. If you already have a bio-mat, be sure to use it, especially during the holiday season.

In addition, you may find this breathing exercise helpful to move into a peaceful state (and out of feeling stressed):

  • As you lay on the BioMat, inhale your deepest breath of the day. Exhale slowly and completely. Do this five times, increasing the depth of your breath and exhaling more slowly each time.
  • Next, focus on your feet and relax them. Then focus on your ankles and relax them. Continue to relax each of the following areas of the body – calves, knees, thighs, hips and pelvic region.
  • Now, focus on your tummy, heart, arms, neck, face and crown (top of your head) and relax each body part/area.
  • Breath in total relaxation … stress be gone!

We hope this helps you feel peace and relieve your stress. If you don’t have a BioMat and are ready to order, let’s connect at 952-829-1919.