We recently received BioMat’s updated care plan policy and wanted to pass along this information to you. This revised policy went into effect on August 12, 2022. This new program is called Richway’s Lifetime Care Program and Warranty and is intended to provide convenient warranty services for all BioMat and Alkal-Life customers.

In the event your Richway product(s) – either BioMats or Alkal-Life – have stopped working after its first year, Richway International offers a Lifetime Care Program for our customers to quickly get a replacement.

To get service, you will have purchased a BioMat, Alkal-Life, BioAcoustic Mat, Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow, Energy Pad or Amethyst Cushion from an official Richway distributor and if your product is defective/not working properly after the first year.

Bio-mat customers will only have the mat replaced; controllers, cotton pads or carrying cases are not replaced.

To expedite the Lifetime Care Program, contact Richway’s return merchandise authorization (RMA) department at [email protected] and provide your name (purchaser), the Richway Invoice (RI) number and a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. An RMA representative will provide you with a form to fill out and give you an RMA number. (The RMA number is how Richway identifies your warranty request.) Once you have finished filling out the form, e-mail it back and the RMA department will send you an order form to collect any necessary payment information for the replacement item(s). Once Richway processes the payment, you will receive your replacement item within seven to 14 business days. You may or may not need to ship your defective item to Richway located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Or if you prefer, you can go to www.RichwayAndFujiBio.com, click on Care Program and submit your application on-line.

Realizing we have more to say about the Richway Lifetime Care Program and Warranty, we will continue this discussion in next week’s blog. 952-829-1919