We are happy to share information so you can learn more about the Germanium Power Pad.

The ultimate purpose of the Germanium Power Pad is to protect your Richway BioMat and the investment you made. As the photo depicts, the Germanium Power Pad is:

  • Waterproof
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Anti-odor
  • Increases infrared ray power.

And it is helpful to understand germanium’s greatest feature is that its electrical properties are semiconductors with intermediate properties between metals and non-metals. This unique feature of germanium is the reason it is frequently referred to as a miracle substance with the potential to treat various diseases of the human body.

Further, germanium has four electrons which move freely in its atomic structure. When the temperature rises (as with bio-mats), it releases electrons and an abundance of negative ions. These anions keep the body’s pH balanced which improves natural immunity. In addition, research from 1957 by Dr. Isaacs and Lindemann in England found that germanium promotes the secretion of interferon (an anti-viral substance). This play an important role in our immune system (think CoVid deterrant!). Therefore, when the BioMat’s far infrared heat is applied to germanium, it improves the NK cell and T cell activity, plus helps the body’s immune function.

The photo above shows the maximum thermal resonance effect before and after using the Germanium Power Pad with the BioMat. When heat of the BioMat is applied to germanium, a large amount of radiant heat and far infrared rays are emitted. This promotes oxygen supply and aids in blood purification/circulation by reaching into the blood’s capillaries and moving electrons in the blood. Discharging excess electrons promotes bioactivation and metabolism function, and helps to avoid various pains. Inorganic germanium acts pharmacologically in the body for 24-48 hours, when it is excreted as sweat and/or urine. Toxins, heavy metals and waste are carried out of the body through these processes.

After reading the healing benefits of the Germanium Power Pad, if you are interested in purchasing one, let’s connect at 952-829-1919.