In this blog post, we are talking about Richway BioMat pricing. And yes, we know it is not always comfortable talking about this topic but actually the bio-mat’s parent company, Richway International makes it somewhat easy!

All Richway prices are universal, standardized and “fixed,” which means regardless of the BioMat distributor that you work with, you will be charged the same price. This can be quite comforting to you, the prospective customer.

It is also important to be aware that Richway offers FREE shipping on all products. Obviously, when you are shipping a product with lots of crystals/stones, these products are heavy.  So, free shipping is a gift from the manufacturer (Richway International). Further, since the bio-mat is considered a medical device, there will likely not be sales tax. (Please consult with your accountant or tax preparer.) All of this to say, when you are quoted a price by us (and other Richway BioMat distributors), the price is the price is the price! In other words, you won’t be quoted one price with a bunch of additional charges added on.

Why do some BioMat distributors offer discounted mats? These products may be purchased using product certificates (which is one of the benefits of being a distributor). A customer who purchases this discounted merchandise is giving up having a warranty in their own name. (The warranty is in the name of whoever ordered the product.) Further, the warranty starts when the product is received; if the product has been sitting in inventory for six months, the warranty is well underway without the mat ever being touched or used.

We hope this blog post helps you understand our integrity, especially connected to the topic of BioMat pricing. It is of utmost importance to us and is connected to our customer service for our valuable clients. Like what you are reading? Let’s connect! 952-829-1919