These energetic times and the BioMat are perhaps made for each other!

Are you aware of the Ascension energies that are coming in? Depending on the day, the planetary alignment and the weather/environmental patterns, these energies can be very intense. While they impact everyone differently, you may feel them physically, emotionally and/or mentally. No, you are not alone and you are not crazy!! (Please note: this post does not replace medical advice and/or the need for specific medical attention.)

If you have a BioMat and have used it during these special energetic times, you already know how powerful and potent it can be to help with your healing journey. And what exactly makes it so effective? Well, we believe it is the trio of elements:  amethyst stones, far infrared heat and negative ions, and most importantly, the synergy of these three elements.

First of all, amethyst effects different people in many different ways. Two of the most common ways that we hear from our customers is 1) grounding, and 2) elevating. Obviously, these are two different ends of the spectrum, and with the new energies, you can receive the healing benefits that best serve what you need.

Next, with these incoming energies of bringing in more light and releasing darkness/toxicity, far infrared heat as a core level heat can help open our bodies; feel the amazing support to your physicality during these energetic times (that can sometimes be quite chaotic). (If you are sensitive, you know exactly what we mean!!)

The third element is negative ions and these are nature’s great balancer. When this Ascension energy is the strongest, we need balancing (or re-balancing) the most. Utilize bio-mats to be your stabilizer, protector, balancer.

Finally, the synergy of the BioMat’s three elements can be helpful and useful providing healing benefits during these cumulative Ascension energies. Want relief from your own energy milieu? Connect with us at 952-829-1919 or