Ready to learn about the BioMat and the chakras? The Richway BioMat is a great healing tool to facilitate a chakra connection. This “technique” can help you feel more balanced, centered, peaceful and calm. To begin:

  • Set your professional-size bio-mat on the desired heat.
  • Lay down and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, which helps you energetically connect to your heart.
  • When you feel relaxed, begin to do the chakra connection.
    • Focus on the area below the feet (Mother Earth). Bring in the color of diamond white light for the crystalline grid of the Earth and say the “I am grounded” statement five times. Energetically, feel the grounding.
    • We will do this for each of the remaining eight chakras.
      • Focus on the body area of the root (located at the base of the spine). Bring in the red color for security/”home” of survival and say the statement “I am safe” five times. Energetically, feel safety.
      • Focus on the area of the body an inch below the navel (sacral area). Bring in the color orange for creativity, connections/relationships and sexuality. Say the statement “I am balanced” five times. Energetically, feel balanced and whole.
      • Focus on the solar plexus (the diaphragm area of the body). Bring in a bright yellow color for your strength, will power and action. The statement is “I am inspired action” and say it five times. Energetically, feel inspired movement.
      • Focus on your heart and bring in a beautiful green color. This area is for self-compassion and self-love … Say the “I am Love” statement five times and energetically, feel your heart expand with love.
      • Focus on the throat and bring in a turquoise color for honest communication. Say “I am Truth” five times and energetically, feel this as a truism for yourself.
      • Focus on the third eye (located between your eye brows). Bring in a beautiful bright blue color to amp up your intuition and inner knowing. Repeat the statement “I am Wisdom” five times and energetically, allow yourself to get in touch with your deep wisdom.
      • Focus on the crown (very top of your head). Bring in a royal purple color as you open to Source. Say the statement “I am Divine Love” five times. Energetically, feel the magnificence of Divine Love.
      • Focus on the area eight to 14 inches above the body (Father Sky). This is the point where our “field” ends and we connect with the Divine. Bring in a golden ray and say “I am connected to Source” five times. Energetically, feel this divine connection.

How do you feel? This is really a wonder-full technique, isn’t it? Enjoy … in joy from your friends!