The BioMat and clearing your energy field is a topic of interest to many people. Bio-mats are not only useful, but also very effective to clear and clean energetically. In this discussion, we will share several ideas how to quickly and easily clear out any energy in your energy field that doesn’t serve you.

First of all, the amethyst serves this important purpose by detoxing any “icky” energy. Known for centuries to do this, the professional-size BioMat makes this possible vis-à-vis 16.5 pounds of amethyst. Besides the amethyst being beautiful, it serves an important function. Welcome to the Amethyst Richway BioMat!

If you are “out and about” frequently and/or if you have been exposed to CoVid, you may want to try this suggestion to clear your energy, magnify your frequency and raise your vibration:

  • Evergreen tree – to do this simple technique—
    • Rub your hands together vigorously, creating some heat/friction.
    • Visualize your fingertips with magnets in the tips.
    • Bring your hands about 8-10” above your head and “sweep off” – in the shape of an evergreen tree – any energy that doesn’t serve you. (You can see now why it’s called the evergreen tree!) (If you need chakra locations, please see the previous blog entry.)
    • Continue to do this sweeping the evergreen branch motion in front of each of the chakras – third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root and Earth star (below the feet).
    • Do this three times on the front side of the body.
    • During the fourth time, do the same technique on the front of the body, but set intention that your back chakras are getting cleared.
    • You can do this standing, sitting and even laying down.
    • If lying in bed, set intentions that the “sweeps” in the lower body occur without you sitting up.)

How do you feel? It is subtle, but you will likely feel lighter and more like yourself. Try it! Next week, watch for another relaxing technique to clear your energy field. And if you have tips or suggestions that work for you, let us know!