This blog post is more info about the BioMat and breathing techniques. We realize we keep having more to say about bio-mats and breathing exercises or techniques.

If you feel sluggish and lack energy, you may find it helpful to use a stimulating breath. You do this by inhaling at a normal pace and exhaling quickly. Do this several times. A special note about this breathing exercise: pay close attention if you get dizzy when you do this technique. If so, stop immediately and breathe normally. If this technique does resonate with you, one idea for applying it to your life is to do this right before you are finishing a BioMat session. (This will help you feel rejuvenated and energized when you get off the Richway BioMat.)

Another breathing technique was introduced by Dr. Andrew Weil called 4 7 8. It is frequently used during yoga practice for relaxation (but you can also do it easily on the BioMat!). You do this by inhaling through your nose on four counts, holding your breath for seven counts and exhaling through the mouth on eight counts. Repeat at least ten times and observe how you feel. Since this is a technique aimed to decrease anxiety, help you sleep and deeply relax, you can see why it is perfect to do it on bio-mats.

And one more breathing technique that is also helpful for relaxation is called “wave breathing.” First, place one hand on your tummy and another hand on your heart. As you inhale, focus on filling your tummy/low belly area with air. Then, feel your rib cage expand and finally, your chest cavity open. As you exhale, feel the contraction of your heart center, the collapse or closing of the rib cage/lung area and drop your tummy into your navel. Keep your shoulders nice and relaxed throughout the entire cycles. You can feel your hands rise and fall in a wave – this is where the technique gets its name!

Each of the breathing exercises in today’s blog are wonderful on the Richway BioMat. Experiment and explore … and let us know your favorite!