We have more breathing exercises on the BioMat. If you liked the last blog, you may also be interested in more breathing suggestions. And of course, you can do these on bio-mats or anytime whether you are on the BioMat or not.

In the last post, we gave you a grounding technique … and we have another suggestion called the Ujjayi breath. We have seen this described in a couple different ways:

  • Breathe in through your nose. Hold your hand up to your open mouth as you exhale like you are fogging up a mirror.
  • Breathe in through your nose and “run” the exhale in the back-of-the-throat with a guttural sound.

You can experiment with either of these to help ground you.

To help center you, you may also find the next two breathing exercises helpful:

  • Box breathing of 5, 5, 5, 5 – inhale for five counts, hold for five counts, exhale for five counts, hold for five counts. Picture a four-sided box as you do each of the five counts.
  • Nostril breathing—
    • Place your left thumb on your left nostril
    • Inhale through the right nostril
    • Close off your right nostril with your left-hand index finger
    • Exhale through your left nostril
    • Inhale through your left nostril
    • Repeat the above steps at least 10 times at your own pace.

After you do one or both of these centering breathing techniques, breathe normally for 3-4 breaths. How do you feel? What do you observe? Do you feel more centered, calm, balanced. If so, keep these techniques in mind to use whenever you need.

And of course, when you do these on the Richway BioMat, they are even more helpful and powerful! Do you wish to keep learning about breathing and the BioMat? Stay tuned for one more blog about this important topic next week!