BioMat prices are slightly increasing … we want you to have this information and have time to purchase (if you wish) before the price increases take effect on March 20, 2022. It is a great time to invest in yourself and in any additional bio-mat products that you want!

Here’s a chart with current and future prices, and your savings between now and March 20, 2022:




March 20 **

BioMat Professional Set (BioMat and Pillow) $2,100 $2,330 $230
BioMat Professional Set (BioMat and Pillow) with pro discount * $2,000 $2,230 $230
Professional BioMat $1,750 $1,950 $200
Professional BioMat with pro discount * $1,650 $1,850 $200
Mini BioMat $700 $780 $80
BioBelt (Regular & X-Large) $550 $600 $50
Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow $350 $380 $30
Amethyst Cushion $350 $380 $30
Professional BioAcoustic Mat $1,650 $1,850 $200
Professional BioAcoustic Mat with pro discount * $1,550 $1,750 $200
Professional Quantum Energy Pad $400 $480 $80
Professional Germanium Power Pad $150 $180 $30
Mini Germanium Pad $80 $100 $20
Single BioMat $2,700 $2,950 $250
Queen-size BioMat $3,500 $3,850 $350
King-size BioMat $4,200 $4,650 $450

* $100 discount is available with a healthcare provider license, healing practitioner certificate, or documentation for veteran or first responder.

** Shipping is FREE on all BioMat products for the continental United States and Canada. However, Alaska pays shipping charges; you can inquire about shipping for Alaska by asking us (an authorized BioMat distributor). Also, sales tax is usually waived in most US locations (because the BioMat is considered a medical device).

So, why did Richway International (the BioMat’s parent company) raise the prices? First of all, the owners have done everything possible to keep BioMat prices at status quo. (Prices have not increased for seven years, since 2015.) But, as we are all aware, the CoVid pandemic, material shortages, new market conditions, and increased domestic and international shipping fees have made these slight price increases necessary. Throughout the years and currently, Richway is 100% committed to continuing to provide the highest quality products and customer service in the industry.

As stated earlier in this blog, the effective date for the price increase is March 20, 2022. However, we strongly advise you to order your desired products earlier to avoid computer overload/glitches. Also, if you are a BioMat distributor and will be putting the order in “by hand” (faxing or e-mailing the order) and not using the back office, the cut-off date to take advantage of the current prices is by March 17 at 5 p.m. CT (Minneapolis time).

Ready to order your BioMat product(s) before the prices increase? Now is the time and we are happy to help facilitate your order as well as provide excellent beginning usage support. Let’s connect today! 952-829-1919