A topic we have written about in previous blog posts is the BioMat and infrared heat. We love to talk about infrared heat because it is so important to our health and it is one of the three main elements in bio-mats.

The BioMat’s far infrared heat deeply penetrates into the body six to eight centimeters where the body is in direct contact with it. This is why by laying on a professional-size BioMat with it touching many different part of the full body, you get so many benefits. (You get more benefits from a pro versus a Mini BioMat because the infrared heat touches more body areas/parts.) This actual, direct heat contact is also very different than a sauna and the heat “swirling around” you, including your head/brain, which is not healthy.

The far infrared heat in the BioMat is core level heat and research shows heating the internal body is helpful. In contrast, when body temperature decreases by one degree:

  • 36% immune function declines
  • 12% basic metabolism declines
  • 50% enzyme activities decline.

Further, the body benefits as the internal body temperature increases:

Fahrenheit Celsius Health
95 35.0 Cancer cell activation
96 35.5 Allergic symptoms

Excretion disability

98 36.5 Health
99 37.0 3,000 types of body enzyme activation
104-106 40.0-41.0 Bacteria/virus/cancer are heat liable
109 43.0 Heat Shock Protein activation

This chart suggest we be intentional about how we use the heat of the Richway BioMat, specifically when we wish to raise our core temp and for what purpose. Another suggestion if you wish to do a high heat thermo-therapy session to raise your core body temperature and/or for intensive detoxification, you may want to remove the BioAcoustic Mat and/or Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) if you have either of these items on top of your BioMat. (By removing these products for your high heat session, this allows the heat to travel directly to the body, not through added layers between you and the BioMat.)

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