We love amethyst in the BioMat, do you?!

We hear so frequently from our customers that they LOVE amethyst! In fact, they mention that amethyst is one of the main reasons that they are attracted to and feel guided to purchase bio-mats. Richway International was very intentional on selecting amethyst as one of the three BioMat elements; they found amethyst to have superior health benefits and jade to be inferior.

Amethyst emits the highest far infrared of any crystal or stone. This means amethyst magnifies and amplifies far infrared heat conduction. The amethyst in the BioMat is a benefit and competitive difference from infrared saunas because they do not have amethyst. Also, even when the mat is not turned on, the amethyst is still present in your home or office, emitting its positivity.

The professional-size BioMat is 22 pounds of amethyst. And if you are wondering if you get some tourmaline with the pro BioMat, the answer is “Yes!” One of the 17 layers of the BioMat is called the TOCA layer. The TOCA layer is a special ionized fabric infused with powdered tourmaline and 20+ minerals, creating natural negative ions. The TOCA layer increases the BioMat’s negative ion output by 400%. (Keep in mind:  negative ions are very healthy for our bodies!)

Does the amethyst in the Richway BioMat help us navigate the coronavirus? We believe the answer is yes! Here’s a couple thoughts:

  • One of amethyst’s key purposes in the BioMat is for its property of detoxing and helping you release anything that no longer serves you. This is particularly helpful at this challenging time of CoVid.
  • And PlantsHospital.com says, “Amethyst is considered to be an equally effective healing tool for problems related to sleeping, hearing, breathing, headaches and body pains.”
  • Amethyst has also long been known to bring a state of mental balance, harmony and peace. This helps you have the #1 immune boosting benefit – getting a restful night’s sleep.

Do you desire to learn more about the beautiful stone of amethyst? Let’s connect at 952-829-1919.