We are excited to share the special BioMat winter Bundle Up promotion! Here’s the details:

Total Purchase Amount

Your FREE* Gift

(See below price list)
Mini Germanium Pad ($80 value) OR
Detoxi Salts (1 bottle) ($120)
$1,500 Two Mini Germanium Pads ($160) OR
Pro-size Germanium Pad ($150) OR
Aroma Stand ($200) OR
Detoxi Salts (3 bottles) ($250)
$2,000 Pro-size Germanium Pad & Aroma Stand ($350) OR
Single-size Germanium Pad ($250) OR
Pro-size Quantum Energy Pad ($400)
$3,000 NEW Bamboo Silk Comforter ($380) OR
Single-size Germanium Pad & Aroma Stand ($450) OR
Queen-size Germanium Pad ($350) OR
Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow ($350)
$4,000 NEW Bamboo Silk Comforter ($380)  OR
King-size Germanium Pad & Aroma Stand ($600) OR
Queen-size Germanium Pad & Aroma Stand ($550) OR
Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow & Aroma Stand ($550)

Since the BioMat rarely goes on sale, now is a great time to take advantage of this special offer!

Promotions expire on January 21, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. CST.

Shipping and handling is not included.
Once your order has been processed, a certificate to redeem the FREE item(s) will be generated and e-mailed to you two weeks following the order processing date. The certificate will have a list of the eligible promotional items that you may choose from.

Current Price List:

Professional-size BioMat – $1,750
(with medical license or healing certificate) – $1,650
Mini BioMat – $700
Amethyst/Tourmaline Pillow – $350
Bio-Belt – $550
Professional-size BioAcoustic Mat – $1,650
BioAmethyst Cushion – $350
Single-size BioMat (fits on a twin bed) – $2,700
Queen-size BioMat – $3,500
King-size BioMat – $4,200
Professional-size Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) – $400
Single-size Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) – $450
Queen-size Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) – $500
King-size Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) – $600
Professional-size Germanium Power Pad (waterproof cover) – $150
Mini Germanium Power Pad (waterproof cover) – $80

Standard shipping (7-14 business days is FREE). In a hurry to receive your order? Connect with us for expedited shipping info (info@BioMatInc.com or 952-829-1919). If now is the time to order your BioMat, let’s connect so you do not miss this unique promotion!