Learn More about the Germanium Power Pad

We are happy to share information so you can learn more about the Germanium Power Pad. The [...]

Learn More about the Germanium Power Pad2022-08-15T14:46:22+00:00

Insurance Coverage for the BioMat

Many people are interested in insurance coverage for the BioMat. Everyone loves to save money, right?! So, [...]

Insurance Coverage for the BioMat2022-06-13T14:28:24+00:00

Busting More Myths about the BioMat

As promised from the last blog post, we are busting more myths about the BioMat. Another popular [...]

Busting More Myths about the BioMat2022-06-06T14:43:01+00:00

Myth Busting for BioMats

This informative blog will be about myth busting for BioMats. The first myth is the BioMat is [...]

Myth Busting for BioMats2022-06-01T06:02:31+00:00

Spirituality and the BioMat

For this blog post, we want to veer off the norm and discuss spirituality and the BioMat. [...]

Spirituality and the BioMat2022-06-01T06:02:35+00:00

Marketing the BioMat

For all distributors - marketing the BioMat! Do you love marketing? We are aware that not all [...]

Marketing the BioMat2022-06-01T06:02:36+00:00

BioMat Questions

We get several BioMat questions that we didn’t cover in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Question [...]

BioMat Questions2022-06-01T06:03:02+00:00
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