The BioMat and the Chakras

Ready to learn about the BioMat and the chakras? The Richway BioMat is a great healing tool [...]

The BioMat and the Chakras2022-06-01T06:02:33+00:00

BioMat and the Coronavirus

The BioMat and the coronavirus - a special blog for this challenging time. The BioMat is a special [...]

BioMat and the Coronavirus2020-03-30T21:20:23+00:00

BioMat Independent Sales Associates

BioMat Independent Sales Associates (ISAs) are authorized BioMat distributors. You simply need to purchase $1,500 in product [...]

BioMat Independent Sales Associates2021-06-06T21:02:05+00:00

Benefits of Using the BioMat

So, what are actually the benefits of using the BioMat? This blog post addresses exactly this question! [...]

Benefits of Using the BioMat2021-06-06T21:20:20+00:00
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