BioMat and Holiday Stress

Let’s talk about the BioMat and holiday stress. Are you stressed to the max? We know many [...]

BioMat and Holiday Stress2022-11-14T16:34:59+00:00

The BioMat and a Pandemic

This blog post will discuss the BioMat and a pandemic. Who would have ever thought in our [...]

The BioMat and a Pandemic2021-06-03T16:28:49+00:00

The BioMat and “Word Salad”

Something different for this weeks’ blog - the BioMat and "word salad"!! For those of you who [...]

The BioMat and “Word Salad”2021-06-04T19:57:05+00:00

More Information on BioMat Benefits

Last week, we began this discussion and we are continuing by giving you more information on BioMat [...]

More Information on BioMat Benefits2021-06-04T20:28:53+00:00

The BioMat and Self-Care

The BioMat and self-care – one of our favorite topics! Sometimes, the term “self-care” causes us to [...]

The BioMat and Self-Care2021-06-04T20:45:02+00:00

Using the BioMat as Therapy

There are many therapeutic products and this blog post is about using the BioMat as therapy. The [...]

Using the BioMat as Therapy2021-06-04T20:46:09+00:00

Benefits of Using the BioMat

So, what are actually the benefits of using the BioMat? This blog post addresses exactly this question! [...]

Benefits of Using the BioMat2021-06-06T21:20:20+00:00

How the BioMat Helps with Stress

This post is a continuation of how the BioMat helps with stress. If you are feeling stress [...]

How the BioMat Helps with Stress2018-10-08T14:06:38+00:00

Meditation on the BioMat

When we share the BioMat at holistic expos, people ask us about meditation on the BioMat. Without [...]

Meditation on the BioMat2018-09-24T16:39:35+00:00

Stress and the BioMat

Are you all stressed out and do you want more information about stress and the BioMat? You [...]

Stress and the BioMat2018-07-09T15:25:42+00:00
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