Grateful for your Continued Support

The month of November is a wonderful month of gratitude and we, at, are grateful for [...]

Grateful for your Continued Support2023-11-06T17:37:15+00:00

More Tips for BioMat

We realize we have more tips for BioMat use to share. Here’s more thoughts: The bio-mat is [...]

More Tips for BioMat2023-10-16T17:00:34+00:00

The BioMat is Expensive … Really?!

We want to share some thoughts about the BioMat is expensive … really?! Yes, the bio-mat costs [...]

The BioMat is Expensive … Really?!2023-09-25T16:34:09+00:00

My BioMat Story

We asked a happy customer to share “My BioMat Story” of her purchase and use. “I discovered [...]

My BioMat Story2023-09-18T15:04:14+00:00

More Tips about BioMat Knock-Offs

We have a few more tips about BioMat knock-offs. Here’s a few additional things to consider when [...]

More Tips about BioMat Knock-Offs2023-08-22T11:41:10+00:00

Expert on the BioAcoustic Mat

Dr. Lee Bartel is an expert on the BioAcoustic Mat that Richway International markets. He is well [...]

Expert on the BioAcoustic Mat2023-05-08T14:25:35+00:00

The Improved, Re-Design of the BioAcoustic Mat

Recently, Richway International (the bio-mat’s parent company) launched the improved, re-design of the BioAcoustic Mat. Here’s specifics [...]

The Improved, Re-Design of the BioAcoustic Mat2023-04-24T14:21:03+00:00

More on the BioMat Versus Imitations

This blog post has more on the BioMat versus imitations and is a continuation from last week’s [...]

More on the BioMat Versus Imitations2023-03-06T15:08:18+00:00

Marketing the BioMat

Marketing the BioMat can be fun … yes, really! A lot of times the word “marketing” has [...]

Marketing the BioMat2023-02-20T16:25:16+00:00
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