We love the topic of clearing energy and the BioMat, and we find more and more people are interested in this subject. To clear your own energy, a BioMat can be extremely useful. In this blog post, we are excited to share some ideas about how to easily and quickly clear your energy field, especially anything that isn’t needed or serve you for your highest good.

First, the BioMat’s amethyst helps with detoxification and releasing any energy that doesn’t serve us. (It is ancient wisdom that detoxification is one of amethyst’s best known properties.) The professional-size BioMat has 16.5 pounds of amethyst! Not only is the amethyst beautiful, it also has an important function.

If you are out in public with lots of people around and/or exposed to any strain of sickness, you can try the following suggestion to clear your energy field, expand your frequency and elevate your vibration. It is especially powerful when you do it on the bio-mat. It is called the evergreen tree and you can do this on yourself (or for others):

  • First, rub both hands together to create some friction/heat.
  • Envision your fingertips have magnets in your fingertips.
  • Draw your hands above your head about 8-10” and “sweep off” in the shape of an evergreen tree any unwelcome energy. (Now you know why it is called the evergreen tree.)
  • Continue this sweeping evergreen tree branch motion in front of each of the seven chakras. (You started with the crown of the head; next, “sweep” the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root).
  • You may wish to “sweep” the front of the body three times.
  • And on the fourth “sweep,” while you do the same technique on the front of the body, you set intention of clearing the chakras on your back.
  • It is effective while standing, sitting, and even lying down.

Now that you’ve tried this technique, pay attention how you feel. It is a subtle energy clearing technique; you may find that you feel lighter and “less cluttered.” Yet another powerful use for the Richway BioMat!