From the previous blog post, we realized there are more BioMat questions and answers to share (that are not in the Frequently Asked Questions tab on this website).

Question 1 – Are other BioMat elements besides far infrared heat good negative ion sources?

Answer – What is important to know is both negative ions and far infrared heat in the bio-mat contributes to the synergistic healing properties. This comes from three sources:  1) amethyst crystals, 2) tourmaline, and 3) the control box (which is how the heat is generated). Note:  the tourmaline and amethyst are constants in every BioMat; the controller has to be turned “on” to begin feeling the far infrared heat.

Question 2 – Is tourmaline included in the single-size BioMat, queen-size and king-size BioMats? (I know the professional-size and Mini BioMats have tourmaline because I can see the “veins.”)

Answer – Yes! One of the BioMat’s 17 high-quality layers of internal construction is a tourmaline-infused layer of fabric. This is included in the single, queen-size and king-size bio-mats. Therefore, it is not visible but you are still enjoying the healing benefits and properties of tourmaline. One of tourmaline’s properties is it emits natural negative ions so this tourmaline layer adds to the synergistic effect of far infrared heat and negative ions. This contributes to the BioMat’s benefits of healing. So, even though you can’t see the tourmaline, it is still working!

In Richway International’s research, they found negative ions increase 400% (quadrupled) in power and potency when amethyst and tourmaline are combined.

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