We have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section on this website and we still get other BioMat questions. That’s what we’ll cover in this blog post.

  1. Question – there are “blue dancing lights” on the controller of my professional-size BioMat. What do they mean?

Answer – When you see this, negative ions are being emitted even if it’s not heating up. In other words, you can get the benefits of negative ions without the heat. Further, it is helpful to your home environment to “push out” negative ions into your space. Remember:  negative ions are what make us feel good, refreshed and rejuvenated. You also do not have to be laying on it for the negative ions to emit into your home. This is actually a very easy way to counteract positive ion-rich environments/homes.

To get your blue lights to “dance,” turn on the rocker switch and click once the “temp up” button. The blue lights (bottom of the control panel) begin to move up and down.

  1. Question – when the Richway BioMat heats, am I getting negative ions?

Answer – as the BioMat heats up, it is engaging the far infrared heat. Once the temperature setting is reached, the bio-mat switches over to emitting negative ions. These two elements toggle between far infrared heat and negative ions. The heat cycles on if the mat’s temperature is too low. When the far infrared heat is “resting,” it is off and negative ions turn on. This cycle is continuous until you change the temperature or set it to negative ions only (see previous question).

We have more BioMat questions and answers for next week’s blog so watch this space. Also, let us know if you have additional questions you would like us to answer and we would be happy to share on this blog.