We love the topic of creativity and the BioMat, do you?!

We share one of our favorite activities and we imagine you will also love this, too!

  • Heat up your professional-size BioMat for 20 to 30 minutes at the highest temperature.
  • Once it is fully heated, set the temperature to medium (or whatever temperature is completely comfortable for you).
  • Hydrate by drinking water and this also helps keep your creative juices flowing!
  • Place a pillow or massage bolster under the bio-mat where your knees are.
    • This allows your knees and back to have the most BioMat contact to get maximum benefits of the BioMat’s far infrared heat.
    • The pillow also helps eliminate lower back pressure or tension to ease you more quickly into relaxation.

Next, lay on the Richway BioMat, “cocooning” with a blanket or cover if you wish. This encircles you with healing energy and warmth as it helps hold the heat into your body.

As you slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath, release your breath gently. Continue breathing slowly and deeply. Move your attention to your heart and feel appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion and peace. Expand this positivity and notice if you feel more expansive or “elevated.” If so, you are moving into creative flow.

Feel the BioMat’s warmth under you and continue to focus on your breath. Are ideas beginning to come to you? If so, what are these ideas? You may wish to write down any thoughts in a journal.

We frequently hear from our customers how conducive the BioMat is for the creative process. A BioMat session any time of the day or night can certainly boost your creative flow and energy. Time to have this in your own life? We love to help customers on their creative journeys and we are here to help! [email protected].