This blog post gives more information about expedited holiday shipping for the BioMat. This is an important topic as soon as we flip the calendar over to November … now is the time! By providing this information, we are trying to help you avoid additional expedited shipping fees for holiday delivery.

BioMats are the perfect holiday gift for yourself or someone you love! We need to connect by end of day on December 8 to avoid paying expedited shipping charges.

From December 1 to 13, expedited shipping is available in the United States. While regular shipping is free, the expedited amounts are, as follows:

* Expedited shipping is for 3- to 4-business day delivery, helping to facilitate delivery by December 22nd.

Please note:  The holidays are a very busy bio-mat ordering time and sometimes, because of the heavy volume, the most popular products go on back order. We suggest ordering early to avoid getting in the back-order cue; this also keeps you from having to pay additional expedited shipping fees.

Our intention is to give you ample warning, ordering early to secure the product(s) that you wish, as well as avoiding the holiday rush. We can facilitate your holiday order of Richway BioMat products and are happy to help! We can be reached at [email protected] or 952-829-1919 to discuss your order. We look forward to playing Santa Claus!!! Happy Holidays from us to you!!