We asked a happy customer to share “My BioMat Story” of her purchase and use.

“I discovered the bio-mat at a conference where I tried it for 20 minutes. I had to pay $1 per minute but I wanted to experience it, so I didn’t care about paying. I really loved my Richway BioMat experience and when I got up, my back felt open and fluid and flexible. And I knew I needed it for my own health; it didn’t matter what it cost! It was a totally intuitive purchase and the best purchase I have ever made!

At the conference, I received some initial product information and they told me to pay attention to my dreams. I received my professional-size BioMat and Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow 10 days later and used it personally for three months before sharing it with friends, family and clients. I never thought I would sell a $1,500 (at the time) medical device. But when I shared it with others, people wanted to purchase … just like I had experienced!

To this day, I find the warmth and far infrared heat to be very relaxing and at a deeper level, very healing.

I’m aware of some research on the BioMat and it speaks to the mat aiding in muscular relaxation, assisting in faster healing and reducing stress (psychologically, emotionally and/or mentally). Further science shows that heat is energy and certain proteins in the body work optimally at certain temperatures. In addition, cortisol (the stress hormone) is damaging. The BioMat can help renew energy and help the body’s natural functions return to equilibrium.

The BioMat has truly been a great investment for me and many people I serve. It has helped me physically but also in the other three areas of well-being – emotional, mental and spiritual.”

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