This blog has more information on BioMat vs. imitations; we still have more to say on this important topic!

One of the things about the original BioMat that makes it unique and has withstood the test of time (25+ years!) is its amazing functional design. To maximize both far infrared heat and negative ions to reach the user, the BioMat is designed to “send the heat up.” Further, this thermal protection layer helps protect the surface that the BioMat lays on (bed, massage table, floor, etc.).

The knock-offs, by contrast, are flimsy and poorly designed without any thought as to where the heat/energy is sent. The bio-mat user may experience heat and negative ions “traveling” in the opposite direction, consequently causing the reverse intended benefit and possibly even damaging the below surface that the knock-off “bio-mat” is on.

Currently, Richway International is suggesting the serviceable life of BioMats is five years. However, we are aware of many BioMat users who are happily using BioMats they purchased from us 11+ years ago! BioMat knock-off products simply cannot say this; first of all their serviceable life is greatly reduced and if they last half as long as a BioMat, we would be surprised! This is certainly an example of the old adage:  You get what you pay for!!

Another comparison between the original and knock-off BioMats is the quality of crystals inserted in the products. In the original, Richway International has conducted 25+ years of research and development about the best gemstones for the best results. Over time, Richway BioMat evolved to use natural amethyst and tourmaline as the finest materials for optimal results.

Knock-offs cost cut by using a wide variety of inferior stones; without any doubt, they are cheaper and much less effective than natural amethyst and tourmaline.

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