Marketing the BioMat can be fun … yes, really!

A lot of times the word “marketing” has a bad connotation; so many people hear marketing and think “sales.” This blog post is to share a few ideas that we have heard over the past several years about marketing the BioMat … and yes, we believe after you read them, you will share our thoughts that marketing can be fun, especially when it comes to a wonderful product such as the bio-mat!

When you, as a BioMat distributor, are working with a potential new BioMat customer, it is important to ask them questions and get them to talk. In other words, it is more important to listen to them versus immediately starting to educate them about the BioMat. Some open-ended questions can be great conversation starters:  1) What are your health goals? 2) How do you see yourself using the BioMat? (This last question helps determine if the professional-size BioMat would fit into their life of napping, meditating, sleeping on it, etc. or would the Mini BioMat be a better choice.)

Also, BioMat distributors should pay close attention to your own mindset! You may find it helpful to focus on educating, helping and serving potential customers rather than trying to “sell” them a product. As a fellow BioMat distributor said, “Focus on being interested versus being interesting!” We love this and find it to be SO true!! And a few other tips to have positive movement in our BioMat businesses:

  • Make a list of people you know who have health challenges and consider how the BioMat may be helpful to them, then reach out to them and have a conversation.
  • Organize your loaner program and keep loaner bio-mats in circulation. (There is no better way to introduce BioMats to people than letting them try it in their own space.)
  • As you go through your contacts, reach out to those who may be interested in the Richway BioMat.

So, hopefully you see these marketing ideas as helpful and can actually be fun!