As the U.S. prepares to celebrate one of its special holidays, from, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and we have so much to be thankful for. Here’s just a few things:

  • Our current team of bio-mat distributors. They are rock stars!! They are a joy to support, as well as learn from.
  • Richway International, the BioMat’s parent company, is the BioMat inventor. We find the combining of far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions brilliant; who would have ever thought of putting these three things together? They did and we all significantly benefit.
  • Further, Richway is the pioneer of BioMat technology. Yes, there are copy-cats and without hesitation, they are all inferior products. Richway continues to make improvements to existing product, as well as launch new products. Their newest products are the Bamboo Silk Comforter and NMN Octa 3000 (supplementation for your physical energy and activities).
  • Many of our BioMat customers become our friends … these connections are the best!!
  • Many customers share their healing journeys as they use the Richway BioMat. We have heard some absolutely amazing miraculous stories about how the mat has helped people.
  • Especially this time of year, far infrared heat feels so good … on a cold day, there is no better way to warm up!
  • Always feeling blessed by amethyst’s properties – detoxing, grounding and spiritually connecting. (Yes, one stone is attributed to several very different purposes.)
  • With all the pollution and even negative energy in our environments, negative ions to the rescue … thankfully, the BioMat has got us covered! Negative ions help us feel restored, rejuvenated and/or more well-rested.

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday reminds us of our sincere gratitude. What a joy and honor to serve and service you – our customers and distributors. We remain dedicated to bring this transformational healing tool to you and your community.