This week, we are celebrating our 12th Anniversary with the BioMat. We continue to be so grateful for this unique and amazing product, for our many customers and for our fantastic team of distributors … and of course, all the healing that’s happened with so many people, including ourselves.

We love to ask our customers what they enjoy the most about the bio-mat. We get a wide range of answers and as you read these, you can think about what “rings true” most for you:

  • I love sleeping on my queen-size BioMat.
  • This time of year, the far infrared heat feels wonderful.
  • Amethyst is my favorite crystal/stone. I love it to meditate and “bring in” a spiritual connection.
  • I have stayed healthy throughout the CoVid pandemic. I attribute my good health to the Richway BioMat because I know it has helped boost and keep my immune system strong.
  • I experience excellent customer service with the product, regardless who I communicate with and I really appreciate it!
  • I have learned a lot about three elements (far infrared heat, amethyst and negative ions). I didn’t know much about any of these before I started using the BioMat. I love learning and have enjoyed teaching others about this unique product. On so many levels, I really “get” the healing properties of the BioMat.
  • I am a BioMat distributor and I bring joy! Seriously, so many customers have told me the BioMat is their favorite purchase of all times!
  • I appreciate the parent company giving me a $100 discount on the professional-size BioMat. I am a healer and it feels like they honor my work.

We could go on and on … everyone has their favorite reason for purchasing and using the BioMat! Without a doubt, we’ll continue being a distributor for many more years to come…