It might seem like a strange post here about the BioMat and world peace. But, given the state of the world right now, and our passion for the BioMat and contributing to world peace, we felt it was important to share some thoughts.

Let’s start with some ideas about world peace:

  • Did you know there are millions (likely billions) of people who have been working “underground” for years and years to change the world’s focus from war/violence to peace?
  • Were you aware there are hundreds of thousand (if not millions) of Americans (and possibly people worldwide) who are working towards creating a U.S. Department of Peace. We have had a Department of Defense (for war and violence) for years and years. Now is the time for peace! And several interesting points about this possible U.S. Department of Peace creation:
    • When the U.S. Constitution was originally drafted, they desired to create a Department of Peace. After all these years, their vision still has not manifested.
    • In 2010/2011, Dennis Kucinich launched his political campaign and brought visibility to the U.S. Department of Peace. To date, this still hasn’t been successful. A few important details of the process:
      • The Congressional Bill requires 200 co-sponsors (signers) and once this critical mass is accomplished, then it will go to a Congressional hearing and eventually, a vote.
      • In the past 10+ years, the Congressional Bill HR 1111 has never been able to get 200 of our government officials (who are elected and supposed to work on our behalf) to sign/co-sponsor this critical Bill.
      • Also, it is important to realize every two years, the process starts over with a newly elected Congress.
    • For those of us who long for peace and harmony and unity consciousness, this is frankly overwhelming and somewhat depressing.
    • While all of the above points are a reality, many people in this peace “movement” now believe we have reached a tipping point to see many of the above points come to fruition. We say bring it on!

We realize in this blog post, we didn’t share anything about the Richway BioMat’s role in world peace … watch for next week’s post!