Comparing Original BioMats to Knock-Offs

Comparing Original BioMats to Knock-Offs

There are many BioMat knock-offs or fake “wanna be” BioMats. It is important to keep in mind that the original BioMat and Richway International (the parent company) has been around 20+ years. Richway is very quality oriented and stands behind their products with excellent customer service. They are not “fly by night” and they plan to be around for a very long time (unlike many of the knock-off companies that “sprout up” to make a quick dollar).

Sometimes, unique and successful products, such as the BioMat, are copied. We are aware of several BioMat imitations on the market today. The most important thing to know is “all BioMats are not created equal” and this can seriously impact your health. Buyer Beware!

The following chart details why it is critical to purchase the real BioMat:

BioMat Imitations
Richway International (the BioMat’s parent company) is the original inventor and creator of the BioMat. They created the BioMat based on thorough research, development and feedback from worldwide health professionals. The product continues to be a leader in far infrared therapy and negative ions technology.
Look-alike heating pads, replicating the BioMat, are being produced by textile factories in China. They have no experience creating a healing product, only producing a look-alike.
Used by Professionals:
BioMats are used by thousands of health, wellness and medical professionals worldwide, including doctors, physical and occupational therapists, integrative specialists, holistic healers and energy medicine practitioners, massage therapists, etc.
Health and wellness professionals know the difference and recognize the importance of not using knock-offs with their clients.
Over the years, numerous individual research studies have been completed using the BioMat, showing positive effects in a variety of ways.
There is no scientific evidence that these knock-offs have the same effectiveness as the BioMat.
Production/Quality Control:
Richway’s medical supply facility is located in South Korea, and adheres to very strict quality control and environmental standards. The facility is vertically integrated, which means it is responsible for all research and development, design, material procurement and manufacturing. All products are inspected with stringent standards in every step of the process. Richway is also committed to exceeding safety standards.
These importers have not done any research and development on their version of the “BioMat.” They are only mimicking the original BioMat, making the customer think they are getting the same product for less money. Buyer beware … it is not the same!
Functional Design:
The BioMat maximizes far infrared heat and negative ions to reach the user utilizing a dense thermal protection layer.The serviceable BioMat life is five years, but there are thousands of BioMats still being used that are 12+ years old.
Construction is sub-standard. Some imitations are designed with different stones on both sides of the pad. Both the heat and negative ions “travel away” from the user; this can also cause damage to the surface it is on (bed, massage table, etc.).
Top Surface Construction:
The BioMat’s top layer is constructed using thick natural cotton fibers and high quality polyurethane (see-through window to view the crystals). These breathable fibers allow infrared heat to easily penetrate the body.
Many tops contain synthetic fabrics which are not healthy for the body.
Both Fahrenheit and Celsius are available on the Richway controller; it also features an auto step-down timer for safety and a shutdown timer for convenience.
Many of the knock-offs’ temperatures are available in Celsius only. Most do not have a step-down timer function for safety.
Crystals (Amethyst and Tourmaline):
After 20 years of research, development and studies, natural/untreated amethyst and tourmaline are the best gemstones for optimal results. All gemstones are carefully inspected before production commences. No ceramic fillers are used in the BioMat.
To decrease cost, knock-offs use inferior quality stones and may contain synthetically-produced or chemically-treated stones. These are not only less effective than the BioMat, but could be hazardous to your health.
The BioMat features two patented layers:

1.      Peach and grape seed – provides additional natural infrared output.

2.      TOCA layer (tourmaline fabric) – emits an abundance of negative ions, emitting approximately two times as many negative ions as other mats.

Copiers use generic materials from fabric suppliers.
The BioMat is licensed as a medical device and certified in all countries where sold.
Licenses should be from the textile factory, not the importer. Most of these knock-offs are not licensed medical devices and are not even allowed to be sold in Canada, Australia and other countries! Pay attention to worthless certificates (which can actually be purchased for show).
Richway is FDA-registered and fully compliant; all Richway products are registered with proper authorities in all countries where they operate.
The imitators are usually not registered properly with the FDA and/or may not be FDA-compliant. (The importers are rarely registered with the FDA.) These fly-by-night importer companies buy from textile factories that do not specialize in manufacturing medical devices.

In addition, BioMat knock-offs have discrepancies in:


  • Likely contain off-the-chart electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) which are harmful to the body.
  • Use cheap plastic that produces potentially toxic off-gassing.
  • Frequently have a lower output of negative ions which impacts the amount of healing benefits of the mat.
  • Utilize sub-par quality materials (such as polymer resins).
  • Reduce the amount of far infrared heat generated impacting the healing aspects and performing inferiorly.
  • Are completely void of any of the BioMat’s patented energetic layers which contribute to making the original BioMat a healing medical device.

Customer service:

  • Wish to make quick money, rather than take a long-term approach and be customer service-oriented.
  • Gone/closed/out of business when they have received too many issues/complaints/problems with overall product quality.
  • Rarely have an extensive warranty plan (like Richway International).
  • Instead, when customer service is needed for the faulty product and shoddy workmanship, these “pop up” companies are out of business and nowhere to be found.

With an original BioMat, you receive:

  • A comprehensive warranty.
  • Peace of mind that you are getting an authentic healthy BioMat.
  • The best possible EMF protection.
  • The highest output of negative ions over the entire BioMat.
  • Amethyst that is not chemically- or heat-altered.
  • The REAL thing with no risk of obtaining a counterfeit BioMat!

Richway International has developed the gold standard BioMat product; every knock-off is just that … an inferior, lower-functioning product. represents the authentic BioMat and we are authorized BioMat distributors. Not only do we love the product, but we represent it with full integrity, honesty and truth.

If you have questions or need additional information about BioMat and knock-offs, please contact us at 952-829-1919 or e-mail us at [email protected].