What do we mean by increasing your vibration on the BioMat?

First of all, everything is vibrational. Perhaps that sounds “far out” to you, but think about it. Every single thing vibrates. In David Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force, he maps out vibrations and consciousness. (It is a fascinating read if you have not already read it!) His research says on the lower end of the vibrational scale is shame, guilt, apathy, fear, etc. and on the top end is love, joy, peace and enlightment. His work highlights that lower vibrations are dense, darker and negative energy while high vibrations are positive and lighter energetically.

Even when we feel low vibe or down or negative energy, we can shift to something more positive. There are a myriad of ways to do this … bio-mats are just one way. Specifically, the Richway BioMat:

  • Can help you get unstuck vibrationally by re-balancing your energy.
  • Gives you a “time out” to reflect on your current vibe and how you want to improve.
  • Opens up your energy to help you move into higher vibrations.
  • Calms your nervous system via the three unique elements (far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions). By feeling more peaceful, you can move up the vibrational continuum.
  • Is a meditative tool, and facilitates you connecting to your breath and staying focused on your heart, which helps raise your vibration.
  • Facilitates movement up the “vibrational ladder.” This means stepping out of low frequencies into something more positive. An example is moving from fear (fight/flight/freeze/fawn) up to courage and eventually joy.

Also, if you move into gratitude while you lay on the professional-size BioMat with your head on the Amethyst/Tourmaline Pillow, this helps you move into higher vibrations. Love this topic and want to learn more? Let’s connect at 952-829-1919.