The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports the number of Autism cases increased by 57% in four years (2002 to 2006); this blog post discusses autism and the BioMat. Today, one in every 110 children is given an Autism diagnosis. The root causes are still unknown, but in some studies, heavy metal toxicity has been linked directly to Autism.

The BioMat uses far infrared heat, negative ions and amethyst crystals to reach into deep recesses of the body purging heavy metals, dissolving the acidic waste and mobilizing it to eliminate. Parents who have had their children use the BioMat have reported the following positive behavioral changes:

  • Communicates more effectively
    • More focused
    • More verbal
    • Makes eye contact
    • Follows instructions
  • More in tune with surroundings and observant
  • Gained some independence/displays more age-appropriate behaviors
  • Improved mood and positive attitude shifts – “be happy now!”
  • Fewer temper tantrums and rages
  • Calmer; less frustrated
  • Less agitation (both during the day and at night while sleeping)
  • Improved appetite
  • More restful sleep (slowing brain waves down to restorative rest which creates whole new balances in the overall functioning of the body).

Testimonials include:

“We purchased a Mini BioMat for my seven-year-old daughter and we let her decide when she wants to use it. It has helped her, especially after particularly difficult days at school.”

“One of my nephews with an Autism diagnosis has been experiencing night terrors for the past 18 months. When he started using the Mini BioMat, he has not experienced any more night terrors and he is able to communicate more articulately; he is calmer and less frustrated.”

“My son uses the bio-mat to ‘ground’ when he has had a rough day at school.”

“My child uses the BioMat as a ‘safe zone,’ giving her extra attention and tender loving care that she needs in the present moment. She LOVES the BioMat!”

If you have a child who is on the Autism spectrum and would like more BioMat information, please connect with us at [email protected].