Richway’s Trade Show Special Promotion

This blog post is a continuation of Richway’s Trade Show Special Promotion (from last week). Again, this [...]

Richway’s Trade Show Special Promotion2023-01-16T16:18:49+00:00

Celebrating our 12th Anniversary

This week, we are celebrating our 12th Anniversary with the BioMat. We continue to be so grateful [...]

Celebrating our 12th Anniversary2022-11-07T18:24:50+00:00

BioMat’s Updated Care Plan Policy

We recently received BioMat’s updated care plan policy and wanted to pass along this information to you. [...]

BioMat’s Updated Care Plan Policy2022-10-17T15:31:58+00:00

BioMat Business Centers

Last week, we addressed the bio-mat being an MLM and this week, we want to share more [...]

BioMat Business Centers2022-10-03T17:50:49+00:00

BioMats – A Multi-Level Marketing Company

In all our years of writing blogs, we have never written about BioMats – a multi-level marketing [...]

BioMats – A Multi-Level Marketing Company2022-09-26T15:44:05+00:00

Marketing the BioMat

For all distributors - marketing the BioMat! Do you love marketing? We are aware that not all [...]

Marketing the BioMat2022-06-01T06:02:36+00:00
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