BioMat for Stocking Stuffer Gifts?

Some levity – do you consider the BioMat for stocking stuffer gifts?!! This picture makes us laugh! [...]

BioMat for Stocking Stuffer Gifts?2022-12-05T17:09:24+00:00

BioMat Shipping Info for the Holidays

This blog post gives BioMat shipping info for the holidays. As you are likely already aware, on [...]

BioMat Shipping Info for the Holidays2022-11-28T15:33:56+00:00

Is the BioMat a Stocking Stuffer Gift?!

Here’s a humorous question - is the BioMat a stocking stuffer gift?! Obviously, because of the size [...]

Is the BioMat a Stocking Stuffer Gift?!2021-12-13T15:49:51+00:00

Explaining BioMat Holiday Shipping

This is an important blog post explaining BioMat holiday shipping. First of all, bio-mats are shipped via [...]

Explaining BioMat Holiday Shipping2021-11-29T15:55:12+00:00

Happy 2021 from

We are wishing you a happy 2021 from The celebration of New Years is one of [...]

Happy 2021 from BioMatInc.com2021-06-04T20:02:27+00:00

Playing Santa Claus and the BioMat

A fun topic is playing Santa Claus and the BioMat!! If you are ready to purchase a [...]

Playing Santa Claus and the BioMat2021-06-04T20:13:08+00:00

Explaining BioMat Expedited Shipping

Since the BioMat shipping policy has changed from last year, we are writing this blog post explaining [...]

Explaining BioMat Expedited Shipping2020-11-16T16:33:19+00:00

New BioMat Pricing Policy

Announcing the new BioMat pricing policy, effective immediately. Recently some of the prices went up and some [...]

New BioMat Pricing Policy2021-06-05T15:20:41+00:00
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