In the previous blog post, we discussed one option to secure a BioMat using insurance. Now, we will give you another option. After you read this post and the previous one, hopefully, you can determine what is best for you. Besides what we previously suggested, you can also:

  • Contact your insurance company and ask them about covering the BioMat.
    • Mention the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) information from the previous blog post.
    • Provide a prescription for the BioMat from your medical doctor or a document of medical necessity to the insurance company. Be sure to include the bio-mat size (professional, Mini, Single, Pillow, etc.), the intended use (relief from insomnia and/or pain, stress management, etc.), and recommended usage instructions (heat setting, session length, time of day, number of times per day, etc.).
    • Request a Medical Receipt from Richway International at [email protected]. At the time of e-mailing this request, please be sure to include all insurance codes and National Provider Identifier (NPI).
    • Additional codes that may be useful as you work with your insurance agency include: CPT 22852-8, CPT 99707 (durable medical equipment) and/or HCPCS (Medicare/Medicaid) EO221 (infrared heating pad system).
    • Once you have submitted the above information to your insurance company, you will wait for their approval. If approved, you will not pay for the BioMat out of your own pocket. The disadvantage is you: 1) have insecurity if/when they will cover it (if at all), and 2) you miss out on the healing benefits of the Richway BioMat while you wait.

Good luck to you as you discern which choice suits you and your situation the best. If we can be of service, please contact us at 952-829-1919 or [email protected]. We are here to help and happy to answer any questions or give you ideas how to gain insurance approval.