As promised from the last blog post, we are busting more myths about the BioMat.

Another popular myth is you can’t sleep on the BioMat because it is so hard.

  • First of all, if you are sleeping on the professional-size bio-mat (or any other larger size), you are sleeping on a “bed” of amethyst. Yes, this is a stone and it can be very firm. If you like a firm mattress or bed, you may find the BioMat very comfortable and actually to your liking or preference.
  • Another option for some people is to place the BioMat on a massage table or guest bed so you can sleep part of the night on it and if/when it gets too challenging to sleep on it because of the firmness, go to your regular bed at that time. (We are aware this might not be an option for everyone, but if it is a choice for you, try it for yourself.)
  • A third idea is to purchase a Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) for the Richway BioMat. Although it is designed as a healing product, its main purpose and function is to soften the BioMat to improve comfort. And we know, if we are more comfortable, we are likely to use the BioMat product more often. Also, the QEP layers are a healing mixture of organic peach seeds and grape extracts, along with mineral tourmaline, which give the perception of decreased pain. The top layer of the Quantum Energy Pad is very soft and gives a luxurious feeling, making the BioMat much more comfortable. (Please note: the far infrared heat does transfer through the Quantum Energy Pad. You may wish to increase one or two heat settings when using the QEP or removing it during a high-temp thermo-therapy bio-mat session.)

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